Selected Writings


Irish Standing Stones: Purpose and Practice

Published Atlantis Eire, 2017, Cunga 2016

The seasons have fallen on the Glebe Stone Circle, Cong, for centuries, and in that time, the moon has washed its blue over the stones month after month. The sun has heated the ground and caused the giant oaks to push their canopy ever closer to the ground. Ribbons left by visitors are strung from low branches. Grass has grown and been eaten by the sheep who wander under the rusting iron fence. People these days, come to relax at the Stone Circle site and enjoy the peace. Others perch themselves against an ally in the stone and read a book. 

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Published in The Moth Literary Magazine

It takes half a week to write about a woman with a shoe fetish, but I persist. The smell of leather, low slung heels and suede stilettos, follows me around the house. Round toed Mary Janes, pumps and a stash of secret moments, wrapped in satin and stored on a dozen shelves in the press. The spare room is a wardrobe stacked with cardboard boxes.

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